Selling to Schools

Selling your produce to schools can be challenging but offers many rewards! There is a growing awareness to the benefits of local foods and eating seasonally. Would you like to see your harvest in schools? If so, connect with the Food Service Director at the school/s nearest you to learn what their needs and requirements are. Consider visiting the school/s to talk about your produce or invite students to visit your farm.


First Contact with a SChool food buyer

  • Call to set up an informal meeting.
  • Bring business cards, sample product list & availability
  • Pictures of fields and packaging
  • Talk about crops you are great at growing
  • Document your food safety practices and any training
  • Provide sample marketing materials that the school can use to market their local purchase
  • Have some knowledge of school menu requirements

Strategies to Building a Good Sales Partnership

  • Start small with one time harvest themed menus or periodic local menus
  • Build to a more steady purchasing relationship until you reach weekly or biweekly sales