Iowa Local Food Day

Join us for school lunch on Iowa local food day:

Oct 11 2018

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Iowa Local Food Day is a celebration of Iowa farmers and local foods during National Farm to School Month. This annual event will bring together all sectors of Farm to School.  Unifying the state around the success our farms, children and our schools.


The Menu


For Iowa Local Food Day, participating K-12 school districts in Iowa will be serving menus featuring Iowa local ingredients. To participate schools must serve at least 2 items (dishes for breakfast or lunch) with primarily locally sourced items.  This does include meat and dairy as well (excluding milk).  Participation can be 1 school or all schools within your district.

The core menu will  include a Iowa corn muffin and veggie bake for breakfast. Lunch will include a Pulled Pork Sandwich, Roasted Vegetables, Iowa Coleslaw, and Local Fresh fruit. 

See below for more additional recipe options.

Breakfast Options

Schools will be featuring local yogurt, a breakfast bake made with local veggies and/or a Iowa corn muffin. Even consider Iowa local fruit such as an apple.

Roasted Vegetables Substitute

There is endless options for local vegetables to roast in the oven to create a medley mix. Other options include wedging local potatoes to make potato wedges or baking local sweet potato fries.

Fresh Fruit options

In addition to Iowa apples, search out local watermelon. Another option includes sweet potato and apple tizimmes.

Lunch Entree Options

In addition to the Pulled Pork Sandwich as an entree consider a sloppy joe made with Iowa pork or beef or a baked potato/sweet potato with cheese sauce.

Side Dishes

The fall is the perfect time to make Iowa coleslaw from green and red cabbage and other veggies. Try some of these other recipes to explore the endless ways to enjoy Iowa's bounty from our farms. Did you know that black beans are being grow in Iowa? Create a black bean and rice salad. What about rainbow salad with kale, tomatoes, cabbage and carrots or orange glazed carrots and squash. What about slicing local zucchini into moons or sticks? Did you know that you can buy frozen Iowa sweet corn that tastes like sweet corn in July? The options are endless. Explore the recipes or create your own!


Farm to school enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and early care and education settings.

National Farm to School Network

Get Involved

Iowa Local Food Day will require participation and support from all parts of the community. As a school food service director or administrator, as a local farmer and of course as a volunteer or parent. Please let us know how you would like to get involved.

commit as a school participant

Commit to serve local food October 11th for breakfast or lunch and join the farm to school movement in Iowa.

Volunteer in your school

Volunteer in your school with meal prep or in the lunch line or join your kids for lunch and celebrate with them.

become a school vendor

Are you interested in becoming a vendor for your school district? Here is more information about the next steps.